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Vacuum anytime, anywhere day or night.
You’ll unlock brand new levels of productivity so that you can clean any space faster and more efficiently than ever before - yet it is also quieter than ever, allowing you to clean anytime without disrupting anyone.

GD930 can be used for restoration projects as well as light industrial use. Nilfisk Advance GD930 vacuum is quite simply our biggest, most powerful and best canister vacuum. It features our largest dust bag (4 gallons) so that you can vacuum longer without having to stop and change bags. Both standard and high filtration bags are offered. The GD930 small canister vacuum is available with an oversized true DOP MILSTD- 282 H.E.P.A. filter mounted before the motor. The huge surface area results in less restricted air flow to maximize vacuum performance no matter what type of material is being vacuumed. With 2,880 square inches of filter media, the filter can be used longer before it needs to be replaced.