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Discover the cutting-edge convenience and efficiency of Nilfisk's autonomous floor machines, revolutionizing the way you clean your commercial spaces. With advanced technology and intelligent design, these robotic cleaning solutions effortlessly navigate your floors, leaving them spotless and gleaming. Experience the future of cleaning as these autonomous marvels seamlessly adapt to different surfaces, avoiding obstacles with precision and maximizing productivity. Say goodbye to tedious manual cleaning and hello to a new era of effortless cleanliness, powered by Nilfisk's state-of-the-art autonomous floor machines. Trust in our industry-leading expertise and unlock the true potential of your cleaning routine.

KIRA CV 60/1
The Kärcher KIRA CV 60/1 autonomous vacuum allows you to clean smarter than ever before. An intuitive cloud based AI operating system catapults performance and regard for safety beyond expectations. Guaranteeing the safety & integrity of your business is key.

The Kärcher KIRA CV 60/1 autonomous robotic vacuum helps you clean smarter than ever before. Powered by BrainOS®, an intuitive cloud-based AI operating system, you get industry-leading performance and safety that skillfully navigates around people and obstacles. Using an array of specialized cameras and sensors, the CV 60/1 effortlessly adapts and learns user designated routes. The KIRA CV 60/1 is continuously learning and improving productivity, with real-time reporting available via your smartphone or tablet. It also provides the ability to switch between autonomy and standard manual operation. With optimal health protection for users with the use of a HEPA rated vacuum bag and Lithium-ion battery for longer run time.

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